This online course is for those who want to build a basic website to promote their creative work. We start with your goals, help you get your branding in order, and then get the rest of your foundation set up: Your blog, social media, and an email marketing strategy. 

Contains Units 2 & 3 of the comprehensive course. See below for the Table of Contents.

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NOTE: I am currently offering these courses at a reduced price to help mitigate COVID's lasting effects on creatives.

What's In the Course?

This course is a reduced version of Content Marketing for Creatives, an online course and community to help writers, musicians, and visual artists use their creative skills to create content in order to form connections, nurture them into leads, and convert them into paying customers.

Foundations contains Units 2 and 3, with all of the accompanying worksheets, templates, and guided assignments (all three versions of the course contain Unit 1).

What Else Do You Get?

The Foundations version also comes with 3 eBooks to get you started: 

Tackle the three biggest issues that creatives face. Get specific step-by-step strategies to apply to your creative business.

createbiz bonus guidebooks

Ready to Get Going? Great!

Let's start building your base of operations!

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NOTE: We are currently offering this course at a reduced price to help during the COVID crisis.

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See the complete sales page here: Content Marketing for Creatives

It has detailed descriptions, students testimonials, and bios of your instructors, Michael and Dave.

Content Marketing for Creatives is now available in three smaller versions so you can focus on the specific skills and strategies that you need to learn.

Or you can purchase all three at once:

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