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CreateBiz is a step-by-step system to help you leverage your
creative work to build a following and get more results, faster.

Turn your art into a promotional engine that helps you
build an audience, gain respect and recognition, make connections,
and ultimately, make a living from your creative work.


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Build Your Audience
Get Attention

Find Partners

Establish Authority
Build Your Brand
Get Noticed

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Leverage Your Content
Develop a System
Promote Your Work

Build Income

Build Your Business
Turn on Revenue
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CreateBiz is for anyone who wants to build a business around their creative work:

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  1. Social Media: The Awareness Phase
  2. Your Blog: Build Your Audience
  3. Email Strategy: Nurture Your Fans
  4. Online Store: Convert Your Fans to Buyers


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Your Instructors

Michael Boezi

Michael-Boezi-Headshot17 years in publishing
Instructor at Emerson College
Writer & podcaster
Business consultant

Dave Kusek

Dave-Kusek-Headshot20 years in music business
Best-selling author
Founder, Berklee Online
Creator, New Artist Model

We look forward to working with you!

We will show you, step-by-step, how to promote your creative work and propel your career forward.

Your website, blog, social media, and email:
All the tools that you need to run your business

Michael and Dave will show you how to leverage skills you already have
to build your audience and turn them into fans.

Tap into a network of other creators to share ideas,
trade opportunities, and get feedback on your work.